The opportunity to have facilitated Creative Workshops in diverse environments for professional and non-professional artists and craftspeople has led me to the profound understanding that a successful Education “draws forth” that which is latent—implementing this at the core of my workshops thus challenges participants to take charge of their own creativity.

Talking Patterns

Using traditional dyeing techniques, these workshops provide hands-on practical experience with one of the world’s oldest crafts. The workshops will covers the visual language of textile patterns, the symbolism attached to them, and how patterns and symbols can be used to store knowledge.  A practical and fun class, you may book for a day or longer.  You always take something back with you.  Suitable for all ages. Workshops can be accredited if required.


Rhythm of Life

An interactive workshop using African drums and other traditional instruments, exploring patterns and rhythms. No prior knowledge of drumming or musical skill is required. Each participant is provided with a drum or percussion instrument—and within minutes will be able to progress from simple notes to more complex rhythms. This workshop is suitable for all age groups and will accommodate one (minimum) to twenty (maximum) participants.