A cultural art space and social enterprise rooted in African-centric traditions and sensibilities. A space  to explore the arts and be creative. Whether it be Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Drumming, Creative writing, Basket making, Traditional Textile Dyeing or even some farming, we’d love to see you @ FyahPlace. Come to learn, to browse, to shop or just to soak up this positive creative environment. Come and have a wander around, you might see something that would look great in your home or feel inspired you to have a go yourself!

We will very soon be providing accomodation. We’d love to see you @FyahPlace, to create, to connect, to collaborate.

Bluegold farm.

Cultivating Colour

Bluegold Farm cultivates plants that have traditionaly been used as dyes. With the main focus on growing various types of indigo.  The revival of the tradition of extracting the dyes from various plant cultivated and wild will play a large part of  farm activities follow us on our dyeing journey at Bluegold Farm.com

Garafini Amongst the traditional dyers of Sierra Leone, SeneGambia there is a highly and advanced textile art form called Gara the word means  indigo and is from the word ‘gareh’ which is a Koranko/ Mandinka.  The term Gara is generically now used to describe any tie dyed cloth whether natural or synthetic dyes and any colour. Garafini continues with my love affair with dyed fabric, My first introduction into the creative world particulaly the traditional dyers and tiers of West Africa. I continue this tradition, using   natural dyes grown in the farm or havested in the wild..
Africanscentsations Incense, oils, perfume, body care. Bamboo storage solutions and everything in between.