Pottery waterhouse jamaica

Rosehall Artisan Potters – Jamaica


The Rosehall Artisan Potters project was established in collaboration with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, Rosehall Development, and USAID, and is aimed at raising the standards of local craft techniques. The project’s core objectives are: To revive the tradition of pottery in Rosetown, to create a sustainable, income-generating business model, and to facilitate a personal Development programme for participants.

Celebrating The Traditional Crafts of Northern Nigeria – Nigeria


The goal of this project was to develop a cadre of twenty young artists/craftspeople. With support from the British Council, this successful project ran for two years. The participants were diverse: mixed gender, from different parts of Northern Nigeria, both English and non-English speakers, practicing a range of crafts, and being both formally and informally trained in the range of crafts practiced.

Wellingara – The Gambia



The influx of cheap, machine-printed fabric and the poor state of the traditional practice of hand dyeing textiles prompted the setting up of this project. Working with local dyers and apprentices, the project focused on reviving the local natural dye tradition, looking at patterns, symbols, and meaning inherent in them.



Current Practise